We love all the TinyMinders North community, whether it’s the children in our classrooms or the parents, grandparents, siblings or guardians that we see every morning. We’re very thankful for each of them, and are happy to share some of their experiences with you!

“Both of my children have grown with the Tiny Minders North family and we couldn’t be happier with the care and developmental skills they have received. My oldest is in Kindergarten now and still misses her teachers and the staff. My son is still there and is so excited to go every morning that he grabs his coat and bag and drags it around the house waiting for me to get out. Andrea and Diana have always been a great support network and I can’t imagine my life without them and the TMN crew!” – Melissa B., January 2019

“We love TinyMinders North! The teachers and office personnel are always helpful and caring. Our little one is in the Toddler 2 room. He has a great time everyday- they do crafts, play outside, yoga, music and a lot more. We have been very happy there.” – Ashlee F., October 2018

“We sent our daughter to TinyMinders North when she was almost 3 months old because my husband and I have to work. The enrollment process was very smooth and we didn’t have any issue. Andrea and Diana, the directors, are very prompt in getting back to us on any questions or concerns. They are always so happy to greet us when we arrive the center every morning. The teachers at Tinyminders are great. My daughter was very happy under their care in the infant room (she’s 14 months now)! There’s so much room for the babies and toddlers to crawl and walk. I love going to visit my daughter during lunch and play with her and other babies in the room; they were so happy and made me happy too! Our daughter started going to toddler 1 a week ago and I’m happy to see that the class is very structured but at the same time the kids still get to play and learn. We’ve only been with Tinyminders for 14 months and we feel very attached to the Tinyminders family, the teachers and the kids there. By the way, my daughter is very social and happy.” – Jodie C., October 2016

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