Welcome to the TinyMinders Community

Becoming a member of our TinyMinders community means building connections. We believe, as a group of child care professionals, that we hold an important role in the future of your child. We are committed to providing quality care and learning, with consistency and professionalism. We are excited to welcome you!

We can help each other best by keeping the lines of communication open. Your insights and your personal involvement will help us develop a good personal professional relationship. We want TinyMinders to be a loving place like home to you and your children.

Mission Statement

TinyMinders will provide a caring, creative and diversified learning experience for children in the transition period between a complete home environment and elementary school. Our program is a quality, loving, safe atmosphere in which children may grow. It is neither too permissive nor too restrictive. We provide a family atmosphere in a homey, warm positive setting in which children gain a strong foundation for their future.

Philosophy and Curriculum

At TinyMinders, each group of children is organized as a community. The early childhood educators in your child’s group develop a relationship with your child, which includes facilitated experiences as well as his/her own exploration and play. Exposure to community activities, artists, scientists, swimming, dance, sign language and so on, stimulate the imagination and provide an educational background for your child. A mutual respect is developed between our staff and your family.

Each child is appreciated for who they are. We understand what we do affects your child’s development. In-service training provided by childhood specialists keeps us informed of techniques, innovations and provides us with support. Our classrooms enable children to explore and create their own understanding of the world in a safe environment.

We provide opportunities for emotional, intellectual, physical and social growth. As your child’s life unfolds, our curriculum supports him/her. Each child is allowed to develop in his/her own time.

Age appropriate activities are provided daily to facilitate the experiences that lead to success.