We love our families, and are happy to share some of their experiences with you.

“We had our oldest daughter in TinyMinders Daycare from the time we moved here when she was 13 months until she started school, and now we have our youngest here. We’ve always been very pleased with the directors and teachers. They keep the facility clean and are communicative with us as parents about our kids and goings-on at the daycare. I like that our girls get familiar with ALL of the teachers even though they have a primary teacher for each level of class, but by getting to know all of the teachers, it makes each classroom transition smooth. We’ve always been pleased with the cost as it compares to other Boulder daycares, and I have personally recommended TinyMinders to multiple friends and co-workers.” Joanna I., November 2017

“This place is fantastic! I did lots of research before sending my 3 month old. I cannot express how wonderful and caring the teachers/staff are. They really take the time to get to know your child to cater to your child’s needs. I cannot say enough great things about Tinyminders Daycare!” – Naomi S., April 2015

“My godson went here about 10 years ago and then my niece and nephew have gone here for the past 3 years. My sister-in-law had many wonderful things to say about her children’s experience. I knew when it was time to send my infant to a daycare facility, this would be the place. Not only is it affordable but we LOVE the teachers!! My son is an easy going guy and he has had a smooth transition into daycare, which is so comforting to a new and first time mama!! He is actually a much happier guy on days that he spends socializing with other babies and the teachers are always so attentive to him and are very communicative with me when I come pick him up. I cannot imagine sending him anywhere else!” – Jeb H., December 2014

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